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The Latino Advisory Committee First Meeting at Triton College - Thursday, February 26, 2009

The first meeting of the Latino Advisory Committee was held at Triton College on Thursday, February 26th. The committee, which consists of community college administrators, adult education providers, and local and state elected officials, discussed the barriers facing Latino students in the community college system. The committee also heard from a panel of Latino students at Triton College as well as best practices from the college’s Latino initiatives and support programs. The committee will meet again in May and October, 2009. Recommendations on how to improve academic preparation, access, and student services for Latino students will be presented to the ICCB after the committee’s October meeting.

For more information on the project, please contact:

Karen Hunter Anderson, Ph.D.
Vice President, Adult Education & Institutional Support
(217) 785-0086

Group Photo: Miguel del Valle, Karen Hunter Anderson, Jennifer Foster, Geoff Obrzut
(L - R) Miguel del Valle, Karen Hunter Anderson, Jennifer Foster, Geoff Obrzut

Geoff Obrzut, ICCB CEO, speaking
Geoff Obrzut, CEO, ICCB

committee members in work session

students from Triton College's Latin American Stduent Organization
(L-R) Christina Valadez, Jennifer Román, Lizette Rivera, Sondra Alba, Joel López
from Triton College's Latin American Student Organization (LASO)