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This section of the site shares frequently asked questions about the "Preparing Technology-Proficient Educators in Illinois" PT3 Grant Project and the PT3 Web-Mentoring Site in particular. See the "About Us" section for contact information if you wish to ask questions of your own about the project.

Who was this Illinois PT3 project designed to serve?

Any higher education instructor in Illinois who is looking for ideas to integrate technology into the classroom. One of the original goals of the project was to provide instructors with easy access to technology modules created by other instructors for use in the higher education classroom. It is hoped that their modules will assist educators in modeling the use of technology for the pre-service teachers.

The Student Site portion of the project was designed to serve pre-service college students who are considering education as a career. This site may also be used by college and university faculty when teaching education classes.

The Web-Mentoring portion of the project was designed to serve first year teachers by providing resources and a discussion forum with mentors.

How do I use the sites?

Use the "Preparing Technology-Proficient Teachers in Illinois" websites like you would use folders in a file cabinet. Most "folders" then have subcategories, accessed through clickable buttons. Take a minute to browse the project's three main sites below:

"Preparing Technology-Proficient Educators in Illinois" (main site) -

"Student Site" (developed for use by the college sophomore who plans to become an educator) -

"PT3 Web-Mentoring Site" (developed for use by the first, second, and third year teachers and his/her peers and mentors) -

How much technology experience do I need in order to use the information on these sites?

Advanced technological skills are not necessary. The sites provide a great starting point for an educator looking to begin to use technology as a teaching and learning tool. However, the sites also serve as a resource for instructors who are already using technology seamlessly in the classroom because those instructors are likely to be introduced to new web resources and new lesson ideas using advanced infusion of technology.

What software do I need on my computer to be able to use the sites?

To access the many web links and the link to The Collaboratory Project for the forum discussions in the Web-Mentoring Site, you will need an Internet connection.

Some of the modules in the Student Site and the original web site have worksheets and lesson portions that are saved in PDF format, so Acrobat Reader is necessary to view some of the module materials. If you are unable to open some of the documents, use the following link to download the Adobe software free of charge.

Some modules may require Shockwave or Flash.

Who are the persons serving as mentors on the Web-Mentoring Site?

The mentors are experienced teachers from the state of Illinois who have volunteered to be available in an online environment to assist new teachers with questions they may have regarding technology in the classroom.

Do I have to pay to use the Web-Mentoring Site?

No. You do not have to pay. You will be asked to register to use The Collaboratory Project link, but there is no cost involved.

Will I be able to have a mentor in my subject area?

Attempts have been made to identify the expertise of the mentors so that you can initiate a contact with the mentor closest to your field.

How quickly can I expect the mentor to respond to questions I have?

The advantage to online mentoring is that the contacts can be asynchronous. (Mentors and mentees access the system at their own convenience, regardless of the time of day.) Therefore, you do not have to wait until your mentor can see you. You post your question, and the mentor sees it when he/she logs in the next time. Since mentors will be checking their email with some frequency, we expect the responses will be somewhat prompt, but not necessarily immediate.

Why has this PT3 project partnered with The Collaboratory Project out of Northwestern University for the Web-Mentoring aspect?

Because of limited funds and limited time frame of the PT3 project, we have partnered with The Collaboratory Project to manage the interactive, forum aspect of the mentoring endeavor. The Collaboratory Project may be accessed at the Collaboratory Project Home Page.

Why do the Illinois Community College Board, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and the Illinois State Board of Education feel that this PT3 Project is important to pre-service teachers in the state?

The three Boards believe it is important for instructors in higher education to model instructional strategies and technology use that are common in the world today. By learning through modeled strategies, prospective teachers will have a better frame of reference for infusing technology into their own classroom instruction, thus impacting the next generation of students.

Is there training associated with the information on this site?

The Illinois Community College Board and its project partners are providing regional trainings to all interested community colleges and universities. If you are interested in more information on the project, websites, or training, feel free to contact the project coordinator for details.

Connie Brubaker - PT3 Project Coordinator
Illinois Community College Board
(217) 558-0318

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The Illinois Community College Board, Illinois Board of Higher Education, and Illinois State Board of Education, in conjunction with a Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers To Use Technology (PT3) grant from the U.S. Department of Education, funded this project to infuse technology into the core curriculum at Illinois Community Colleges and Universities.