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Standards Acronyms and Websites
Standards Acronyms
NCATE National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
NETS National Educational Technology Standards for Students
IPTS Illinois Professional Teaching Standards
ILSS Illinois Learning Standards for Science
NSES National Science Education Standards
NSTASTP National Science Teachers Association Standards for Teacher Preparation
ISBE CASE Illinois State Board of Education Content Area Standards for Educators
ICTS Illinois Core Technology Standards
ICAS Illinois Content Area Standards

ICAS (Eng. Lang. Arts)
ICAS (Mathematics)
ICAS (Chemistry)
ICAS (Earth and Space Science)
ICAS (Physics)
ICAS (Science)
ICAS (Social Science)
ICAS (Foreign Language)
ICAS (Visual Arts)
ICAS (Music)
ICAS (Drama/Theater Arts)
NCTE/NCATE National Council of Teachers of English/National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
TSSA Technology Standards for School Administrators
INTASC Illinois New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium

Standards Websites






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